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Student Life

The T4N Pinnacle Academy's diverse and global student body makes our student life events and opportunities highly inspirational and collaborative in nature. Learn more about the student life opportunities at our school below!

Online Class

Homework Hub

We offer daily live sessions where tuition-based students can work on their class assignments in a dedicated virtual classroom. Different instructors moderate different sessions, allowing students to quickly get help or ask questions about assignments. In addition, these homework sessions provide a great place for students to work collaboratively on projects and discuss ideas!


Clubs at the T4N Pinnacle Academy allow each student to pursue their interests outside of courses. We offer a large number of student-run clubs, each with a faculty club adviser. Check out all of our nationally chartered clubs here.

Arts and Crafts Class
Hand Pile of Happy Group

In-Person Events

Our school-wide physical events are open to all students and take place in a variety of locations around the globe! Each event allows students to bond with fellow learners, meet their instructors, and explore new places!

Regional Gatherings

The highly international nature of our student body leads us to organize a variety of gatherings for different regions within the United States and around the world! For these events, regional organizers create short 1-3 day trips where Pinnacle Academy students who live in close proximity to each other can get to know each other better.

Holding a Bird
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