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Course Materials

At the Pinnacle Academy, we believe that online learning should be supplemented with physical opportunities for students, which is why we offer a wide variety of course materials!

Each of our courses has a complementary material kit. These kits are optional and may be purchased by single course students. Material kits for all courses are included in both the silver and gold full-time enrollment packages.

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All of our material kits include a range of fun and engaging physical materials, such as the Science & Mathematics K kit shown on the left.

Especially for high school courses, we ensure that students can complete their learning both online and in a physical format by providing custom-created textbooks through The4Network's in-house publisher, the T4N Informaleon!

Check out one of our textbooks, Exploring Modern World History, to the right!

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We believe that a very important part of learning about history and world cultures is being able to hold and analyze both historical and cultural artifacts. Whether that be carefully analyzing and writing about a real ancient Egyptian Shabti figure, or replicating a Japanese tea ceremony, our History and Geography sequence include multiple museum-grade artifacts or replicas which are leased to students during their course.

On the left, you'll see one of the artifacts which is leased out as part of our Modern World History course: a banknote from pre-WWI Germany. For each unit of a history or geography course, silver and gold full-time enrolled students receive one artifact per unit, which they carefully analyze based on the unit's themes. Since each student receives a different artifact, the analyses and conclusions of each student are unique, thereby providing plentiful opportunity for discussion!

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