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We have a strict set of graduation requirements which are required should you wish to graduate from our high school. These are:

4 mathematics credits

4 English credits

4 science credits

4 social studies credits

3 world language credits

0.5 health credits

0.5 physical education credits

5 elective credits

As well as this, you will need to track at least 10 hours of service per year for each year enrolled full-time with Pinnacle Academy. This could include service within any of The4Network's opportunities or beyond. Please note that you must be enrolled full-time for your senior year if you wish to graduate from us.

Every year, we run both a virtual and an in-person high school graduation ceremony. Our virtual ceremony is open to tuition-free and materials by course full-time enrolled students, though our in-person graduation ceremony is only available to tuition-based students.

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