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Seeing the Content in your Course

If you have just signed up for a course, you will now see a screen which looks like this:

If you have signed up for a course, left the website and now want to access this same course again, you can do this simply by clicking on "Self-Paced" in the menu" and then clicking on the "Sign Up & Access Tab" or here. Now, find the class you want to access and click "View Class." You will have a "You're a student" banner at the top of all of the classes in which you are enrolled.

You will see from the side menu that your course is organised into units. This is your sidebar. Before the first unit, you have an overview, which simply describes the course and the badges you will get if you complete it. You will see that they are listed under the Group Discussion.

Above this you will see the group discussion, which can also be found by clicking "Group Discussion" in the sidebar. See the post on how these group discussions work in this help centre category. When you click on each unit you will see the unit introduction, and you will see that you see a list of the lessons included in the unit. There are two ways to access these lessons. You can go through by clicking them in the sidebar:

Or you could simply click "Continue" after the unit introduction which will take you to the next lesson. Simply read through each lesson's content and click "Complete" when you are done going through it.

At the end of each lesson, there will often be an embedded form, which will look like this:

Once you have completed this, you can press "Submit" at the end of the form and move onto the next lesson by clicking "Complete" at the bottom of the page. In some cases, this will open a questionnaire asking for feedback on the lesson. This is what it may look like:

Then, once you send it in, you can move onto the next lesson. You will now see that the lesson which you completed has a tick mark in it:

And you will also notice that your progress bar has been updated. Should you wish to update your response to a questionnaire, you can go back to the correct lesson and click "View Questionnaire" at the bottom. Feel free to edit it and then resubmit it!

Just continue through the content of your self-paced class like this and you will be fine!

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