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Joining Self-Paced Class Groups

Self-paced classes also have groups which you may want to join, since they will allow you to ask questions, do surveys (on the people in the group for curriculum purposes) and attend help labs! You can access the group for each self-paced class by clicking on "Group Discussion" in the sidebar of the self-paced class for which you want to access the group. Alternatively, you can also view the group by clicking on "Overview" in the self-paced course and then scrolling down to the section on "Group Discussion."

You will see a page which looks like the below, only that you will not see the "+ Invite Members" button.

There are many things you can do in the groups. Beneath the title of the group and the fact that it is secret, you will see a menu for this group. The discussion is where all group members can talk and create posts. All of the media included in these posts is saved in the media section. In the about section, you will see things like group rules etc. and in the events section you will see specific events which are being hosted (like help labs) for your group.

To learn about how to create a post, look at another post in this help centre category. On the side of the discussions you will see an "About" section. When you are new to a group, always click "Read More" to learn about the specific group policies. Here is what this may look like:

Make sure that you stick to the listed group policies at all times. With the exception of the ability to edit the description in the about section, this is what the about page will look like for you. You can view the analytics from this group too, so you get a feel of what it will be like. Back in the group dashboard at the beginning, you will see a list of topics on the side. These are units in the course. When people post things in the group, they may add them to certain topics, meaning you can easily filter the posts. This is what a post may look like:

You can react to the post or press the heart button to like the post, and you can also comment on the post. Notice how it has been added to a topic, meaning that if you filter for this specific topic, you will find it!

Finally, under the "Events" tab you will be able to see events which are organised specifically for the group, such as get togethers. When these are listed, you can simply join them!

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