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Posting in Self-Paced Class Groups

When you want to post something in your self-paced class group, just navigate to the correct group first. Then, click on the "Share something..."

Once you have done this, you will see a box appear. The box will look as follows:

At the very bottom, you can click "Add a Topic" and can then choose one of the topics from the list. Once you have chosen one, it will show the grey box where the button originally was. If you want to change the topic, click the "X" and replace it with a new topic.

You can also add images to your post. When you add an image, you will see a bar popup above it:

In the first section, you can select the size of the image. When you click the gear icon, you can change settings for the image, such as adding a caption or adding text if the image doesn't show for the other person. When you click on the link icon you can link up your image to a web address or to a section in your post. Finally, you can replace and delete the image with the two icons at the end.

Next on the list of things you can add is a gallery. A gallery is a collection of media (photos and videos). When you add a gallery by selecting at least 2 pieces of media, you will get something like this:

In the bar at the top, you can upload more media in the first section. In the second section of the bar you can choose the layout of your gallery. These different features are all very nice, so you may want to experiment and find the best layout for you. In the next section you can customise the size of the gallery. When you click on the icon with the two squares and arrows, you will find this window open:

Here, you can rearrange the order in which images appear in your gallery and add more.

In the same side window on the "Layouts" tab you can customise the layout, spacing between the images, thumbnail resize and change the image ratio too. Finally, in the "Settings" tab you can find the option to open in expand mode when clicked and decide if you want to show the option to download. The bin icon indicates deleting the gallery.

The next icon at the bottom is the option to add a video. This is what will open:

Here, you can add a link (Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook) for your video, or you can upload your image. You will be given options once you add it regarding size and (if you upload a video) if you want to allow people to download your video.

After the video icon, you have the option to add a GIF, followed by the option to add a file upload. If you add a file, you will just be prompted to select the file and it will be added as a download button.

The next option which you will get is the option to add Emojis. Finally, you will be able to add a poll. There are 3 main poll types:

The text in a list and text & main image are the same except for the fact that one has an image at the top. People will be able to poll on the different options. The images in a grid option allows people to poll on different images with captions.

When you select "Text in a list" you will get the following:

Here, you can ask your question and add answers which people can then vote on. When you press on layout, you will see this come up:

Here, you can choose if you want to add an image to the question (making the poll a text & main image poll) and if you wish to add an image to each answer (making the poll an images in a grid poll). If you add either of these, you will be able to change the default images by clicking on them in the poll and replacing them with files from your computer. You can also change the layout to be grid and the poll direction.

Under design, you will see the following:

You can choose the background style of the poll to be colour, gradient or an image, for each of which you will be given a multitude of options. You can also customise the corner radius.

Finally, when you click "Settings" you will see the following:

Here, you can put in settings like if people can pick multiple answers, who can see the results, who can see the vote count and who can see who voted.

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