We have two main models for people who take courses with us.

  • As a full-time enrolled student, you will have access to all of our courses . You will also have many other opportunities open to you, such as counseling, an easier platform to quickly enroll for new classes and the opportunity to gain a diploma if you fulfill our graduation requirements. Please see the "Full-time Enrollment" menu option for more information. Courses which you take at a different school will be considered and can be added to your diploma.

  • If you choose to only take single courses with us, you are considered a single course student. For single course students, we currently do not offer diplomas. However, should you wish to transfer credits from us to a different school, this can be done very easily. We will provide you with a transcript after the completion of each course, and you may ask us to send this to any institution you wish. However, we cannot promise that these institutions will accept credits from us.