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Choosing the Right Class

Updated: May 7, 2021

We know it can be difficult to find the perfect class for you, so here is a quick guide. Under either the "Live Classes" or the "Self-Paced" menu items, locate the tab which says "Catalog." Both of these buttons link to the same place, so do not worry about choosing the correct one!

You will notice that classes are organised into sections by area of study. These include Mathematics, Science, geography etc. As you scroll through the classes, keep in mind the age of the person taking the class. Our rule is that people who are older than the age limit are strictly prohibited from entering classes which are meant for younger children. If you are younger than the age limit, you can contact us on and we can see if you will be allowed to take the class.

You will notice that each class has a detailed description. Chose a couple of classes which you like and then read through them to choose which one is best - or even better, you can take all of them! Although we do love it when you sign up for many classes, we ask that you choose classes which truly interest you and for which you have the time to attend. Each class will probably take around 1 hour per week of work, although some may ask you to complete assignments as well.

Once you have chosen the right class, check which formats it is offered in. All classes on our catalog are offered in at least one format, but most of them will be in the live class format. Some may also be offered in the self-paced format, but currently, academic self-paced classes are only offered as trials.

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