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Student Independent Sign in

With many schools around the world moving online, The4Network is now offering a new opportunity for schools to offer online and free clubs - with more variety than ever before.  Below you will find a step-by-step process on how to get everything set up. Remember that the new schools team is always here to help at or also by just typing "SCHOOLS" into the chat below!

Choose a club you want to offer for children at your school. The clubs we currently offer can be found below.

And that is not all! If you would like a different club, then do not worry. There are currently around 50 instructors going through the course creation and general instructor assessment process, so we will soon have more clubs. However, if the club you want is not on the list, just send an email to stating the club you would like. We have a large network of people who are willing to help and can instruct a large variety of different subjects.

Fill out the following form. We will write back with a confirmation of the times at which the classes happen. If you are happy to go ahead with this list, please confirm this email. If not, then please send back any refinements which you think must be made.

School Registration

To register to offer independent sign in courses at your school, fill out the form below!


Now you can send out emails to people in your school asking them to join the free club! General Science and some clubs which are coming soon are best completed with the purchase of our custom-made kit or the purchase of materials which are listed. If you choose any of these clubs, we will send the lists to you too. If you are advertising general science to students or parents from the school, please add the link to the kit and the pdf with the material list. So we can group large classes with people just from your school, we will give you a unique 4-digit school code. When students sign up to the courses, they must add this code after their name in the sign up box. So that teachers can join the classes to supervise, teachers should fill out the form as if they are a student, and use the code after their name. Teachers should then also follow the below steps, and will have to enroll separately for each class which they wish to supervise. The email to the students should also contain our instructions for signing up for a school course, which are: 

1. Open the page

2. Choose the correct class from the list. Make sure to only choose a class offered by your school. If you don't choose a class which was listed by your school on the email, then we will not be able to add you to that class. If you would like to do a different club, you will have to do this on a separate account (not the one which you will use for your school)

3. You will see a new page open which asks you to create an account. Please create this account by filling in all of the correct information. At the end of your name, please put the unique 4-digit code which you have received from your school.

4. At the bottom of the member account, you will need to complete the waiver and submit the first and second page separately. We ask that you please write your school name and its 4-digit code at the top of the document

5. Press submit on the form. You can now access your class under

6. Find the club you signed up for and view the announcements!

If you would like to sign up for additional clubs, you can simply do the same process again, only that you can log in to your school account when signing up (no need to create a new account!) If, however, you would like to sign up for a club which is not offered by your school, we ask that you create a new account to do this (without the 4-digit code or school name on the waiver)

If there are more than 15 people who are from your school, we will arrange a club for only your school. The time may not be the same as the original, but you can choose a different time. If there are less than 15 people, you will be put in the general class, which will create a new section after there are 20 people in the class. If you are in a school-only session, all students and teachers for that class will be seamlessly moved to a different forum. We will notify and ask through email if you would like a private session. 

Students can now attend their classes at the right time. The instructors will use the forums to post zoom links and activities. Any class which is in a private session must have the supervising teacher there in order for class to start. If you are having tech problems, please send an email to

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