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Single Courses

With the T4N Pinnacle Academy, you can easily take single courses! We offer live and self-paced courses in a multitude of different areas. Upon completion of a course with us, you will receive a transcript which we can also send to any schools (per your request!). If you need extra transcript copies or want them to be sent to additional schools, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on

Like all of our courses, taking single courses with us means you will be graded based on your performance. See the "Enrollment Information" section on the menu of this website for more information on how you are graded.

Are you interested in taking a single course at the Pinnacle Academy? Why not find out whether Pinnacle is a good fit for your family by taking a trial course! If you're ready to sign up, simply use the "Enroll Now!" button below to sign up for a single course at the Pinnacle Academy.

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