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Grading Information

When you take a course with The4Network or outside, we will take in your percentages. These are scores out of 100 which will allow us to form your letter grade for the course and your GPA.

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There are a few steps in then creating your GPA.

  1. We give your course a numerical grade. Numerical grading isn’t as tricky as it sounds! If you received an A, your numerical grade will be 4. If you got a B, it will be a 3. If you received a C, it will be a 2. Finally, if you failed, it will be 0. This is what counts for a whole year. We also add to this for different difficulty levels. If you:

    1. Are taking an honors level course, add 0.5 to your numerical grade for the year-long course

    2. If you are taking a college level course, then add 1 to your numerical grade for the year-long course.

  2. Next, we assign a weighted grade.

    1. If you took a full year course, you simply take the numerical grade for this course. If the course was composed of two semester-long courses, just add their corresponding numerical grades and divide by 2!

    2. If you took a shorter course, we would divide the number of weeks your course lasted by 36. In turn, we would multiply your numerical grade by this number.

  3. Now, we add together all of your weighted grades. Then, we divide them by the number of year-long courses which you have taken. That means that if you have taken a course which is less than a year, we would count this as the number of weeks the course lasted over 36 (as in a fraction) of a course.

  4. Finally, we have your GPA! Therefore, if you were to only take honors level classes and receive A’s in all of them, you would have a GPA of 4.5. Get some practice calculating your GPA, and feel free to speak with your counselor so they can help!

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