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Signing up for Live Classes

Once you have found a class which fits your needs, you can sign up for it. Find the sign up form for live classes under the menu "live classes" tab, and then "Sign up." Alternatively, click here to go there directly. Remember that once you sign up, you can access your class via the forums under the "live class" tab. When in a class, you will need to have a camera on and will need to have the name of the student who signed up as your name in the zoom room.

Now you should see a long list of live classes. Some classes may be listed multiple times for either different age ranges, different times, different cohorts, or all 3! In case you want to find a detailed course description, you can do this by looking underneath the large "$0." Here, you will see a course code! In the title of each class, you will see the name of the class followed by its age ranges. The age ranges which we offer for classes include:

  • Ages under 4

  • Ages 4-8

  • Ages 8-13

  • Ages 4-13

Once you have found the right class, check that the time listed works for you. This can be found in the line under the "$0." If one time doesn't work for you, look in the panels on the sides of the class to see if the class is listed again with a different time.

Once you have fund the correct panel with a time which works for you, click "Enroll now." You will see the following screen:

Now, just check that all of the details are correct. If you don't want to start the class right away, simply choose a different start date. Once this is done, click "Log In" or "Sign Up" depending on if you have a members account with us. Need help signing up? See the article below or search for articles on how to create a new account with us! You will now get a confirmation message, followed by an email! This email will list the next steps on how to access your class!

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