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Pinnacle Academy Head of School, Aryan Marxaney

Aryan Marxaney is the Head of School of the T4N Pinnacle Academy. He has been able to bring the school to new heights with his energy, experience, enthusiasm and unique ability to adapt online learning to a 21st century model.

As head of school, Aryan has been responsible for a large number of milestones, inclusive of the school's accreditation by the GEAC and NCAA. Under his leadership, the school has attracted expert educators from around the world. Aryan has also pioneered the pedagogical methods, such as the smart course system, used in Pinnacle Academy classrooms and has thereby opened new horizons in terms of the courses available for students to take whilst still in school.

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Aryan holds a Diploma Livello Propedeutica (B.A. equivalent) and a Diploma di Specializzione (M.A. equivalent) from a joint program between the Universita degli Studi di Perugia and the Andong National University.

Aryan has received a number of prestigious awards for his own learning and academic work, including being named as an "AP Scholar with Distinction" by the CollegeBoard. Aryan also became a gold award winner in the Primary Mathematics Challenge, and received separate bronze and silver awards in the Primary Mathematics Challenge Bonus Rounds in later years. 

As a subject matter expert in education for both the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) and Coleman Research, Aryan provides advice to EdTech companies, online/virtual schools, hybrid schools, online educational content providers, accreditation bodies, and firms interested in investing into the growing education sector.


Before joining the T4N Pinnacle Academy as its head of school, Aryan already had collected a vast amount of expertise in the education realm. Aryan began his pedagogy work in a British primary school (American equiv. - elementary school), where he engaged students through a sequence of term-long interactive science lessons. Aryan's science classes soon became a roaring success, with the number of students coming to his lessons constantly on the rise. It was Aryan's experience with teaching in primary school that led him to become fascinated with education and teaching.

Aryan soon began teaching in virtual environments to students in elementary school in subjects inclusive of science and world history. Founding the T4N Pinnacle Academy, Aryan decided to focus on providing a high-quality education to children globally, a mission which Aryan has helped accomplished with much success. Aryan quickly turned his attention toward the creation of engaging yet individually-paced classes, a format which would allow for the seemingly effortless proliferation of excellently-designed curricula around the world. 

Aryan applies his vast amount of knowledge in child psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology and adolescent psychology to creating courses and developing a dynamic and exciting learning experience for all students. Aryan is also a certified IPI Senior Instructor for all core course subject areas.

Aryan has served as a guest speaker and host at multiple respected education events and conferences, inclusive of the International Pedagogical Institute's Global Education Summit.

From Cognia(TM), formerly AdvancED, Aryan has received eleot(R) 2.0 certification until October 2024.

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