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Bronze Full-Time Enrollment

At the T4N Pinnacle Academy, our bronze full-time enrollment package includes access to all of our courses as well as online support services and graduation. Here are the steps to get started with bronze full-time enrollment:

Complete one of our enrollment pathways! During this quick and simple enrollment process, you'll indicate the courses you want to take in your first year with us as a full-time student.

Wait to hear back from us! You should get an email confirming your enrollment with detailed next steps to your inbox after a maximum of 2 business days.

Next, you will be introduced to your enrollment adviser, who will help you finalize your course decisions for the year. You will keep in touch with them as you choose your courses, and they will make sure that your courses can be viewed on your system.

Once you have finalized your course decisions, you'll receive an invoice by email for your annual tuition. This invoice may be paid online by credit/debit card, by phone, or by wire transfer.

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