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Using Zoom in Live Classes

When you are in a live class, there are a few rules which are important to follow. Throughout class, you must keep your camera on. You must also keep your microphone off unless you have been asked to speak or have asked and have been allowed to come on microphone (to do this, you can ask in the chat or raise your hand). An exception is if the instructor specifically allows you to keep on microphone during class.

There is no excuse to not having a camera on during your class. If there are tech issues, you must either leave the class for that day or try on a different device. If you need to go to the toilet during class, you are not allowed to turn off your camera in this time. Similarly, if you are eating then either you must eat with your camera on or delay your eating to the end of the class.

While in the meeting, you must remember to keep all comments in chat appropriate and respectful, as well as on topic. Whether via microphone or via chat, you are strictly prohibited from passing on any of the following items of personal information to any classmates:

  • Email

  • Skype ID

  • Phone number

  • Age

  • Grade level

  • City (the state or country you live in is acceptable)

  • Gaming IDs

  • Websites on which you list your personal information

  • Usernames for social media

However, you may pass on your email, but not any other information, to your instructor via private chat. You are strictly prohibited from using private chat with any other students - the backline is that we are able to see these private chat messages and they will all be monitored.

Additionally, do not send links in the Zoom chat, do not send content directly copied from another website and do not send files.

We also ask that, during your sessions, you do not draw on the board unless you have been allowed to do so by your instructor. Similarly, do not constantly change virtual backgrounds during class. You may change your virtual background only once per class. Again, except if specifically said so by the instructor, do not distract other students in class. This includes playing around with toys in class, running around the room etc. Unless the instructor asks you to do so or you must do something (e.g. go to the loo, get water) you should try and stay on your seat for the entire class. Finally, you are not allowed to share screen during class unless asked to do so by the instructor.

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If you don't have Zoom installed on your computer, make sure to get it before your first class. Before your first live class, simply press the link around 30 minutes before class is supposed to start.

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