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Signing up for Self-Paced Classes

Currently, we only offer trials of academic self-paced courses as well as some co-curricular self-paced courses. Self-paced academic courses usually will go for 36 weeks with 90 lessons in this time. Each lesson includes a few short answer text questions along with a short multiple choice quiz. The History & Culture series is an exception to this, as it lasts for only 4 weeks per course. Co-curricular (like our running and meditation courses) may run for shorter amounts of time and do not have strict assessments or people who directly grade your work.

In the trials of self-paced academic courses, there is no one who is checking your work, so do not expect to receive grades for your work. You can sign up and access your self-paced courses under the "Self-Paced" menu item under the tab "Sign Up & Access" or just here. For classes in which you are a student, you will see a bar at the top telling you this and will be easily able to access these classes. For ones where you are not yet a student, you will need to click "Join Class"

When you do this, you will see a new page open, which will look like this:

Scroll down to view the class description. Once you are ready to sign up, scroll down to the bottom, where you will see this:

Here, you can pick your start date, after which you can click "Join Now." If you are not yet signed into your account, you will be prompted to do this before you can join the class. Then, you will see your brand new class!

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