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Asking Questions in your Classes

When you have a question, you can ask it through the class forums. This could be anything, from when class is running to questions about a certain topic! First, to ask a question, click on the "Ask a Question" button when you start a new post in a specific forum. Then, add elements to your question just like you do in a post. To see how this works, look for a post on "Posting for your Classes."

Once you have published your post, people can answer your question. Check back to see answers.

Here, it looks like our founder needed some help with a math question. If you already have a few answer options (such as if you know the time is 1pm or 2pm) then you can comment on your post and add these in. Otherwise, just wait for others to add answers.

For each answer given, you can give it points as follows:

Give 1 point if the answer is helpful to you

Give 0 points if the answer has had no impact

Give -1 point if the answer is unhelpful

Other students in your class will likely also vote and will say if they found an answer helpful/unhelpful. In the end, you can then pick the answer which is the "best answer" by seeing which one had the most votes or simply by seeing if it has been posted by an instructor. Instructors will always provide correct answers to your questions!

When you have found the best answer, simply mark it as the best answer, as shown below:

Now the issue will be resolved and your answer will come up on the forums with a tick mark, meaning that the issue has been resolved!

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