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The Pinnacle Difference

Especially during and after the COVID pandemic, we know that virtual school programs have certainly proliferated and vastly increased in number. We believe in the difference which the T4N Pinnacle Academy can make for every single student, which stands out immediately when considering our school compared to some of the leading private schools - whether from an academic standpoint or from a market popularity standpoint - including Phillips Academy Andover, Stanford Online High School, the K12 Private Academy, Apex Learning Virtual School(TM) and Fusion Global Academy.

We have provided this comparison because we believe in educational transparency - collecting information about what students and parents care about when choosing a school, we created a data-based comparison of different schools so that families can make informed and research-based decisions about their child's education.

Number of Courses Offered

Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 19.27.55.png

Leadership Team Training & Education

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Student to Teacher Ratio

We believe that student to teacher ratios should be kept small such that each student can gain individual attention. However, the danger with only 1-2 students per teacher is that students often miss out on the essential social-emotional components of learning. We keep our student to teacher ratio at 4:1 to ensure plentiful individual instructor support whilst simultaneously facilitating fruitful discussions.

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Average Full-Time Tuition

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Percent of Students Receiving Financial Assistance

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