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Science K (Elementary School) Trial Course

  • 52viikkoa
Kaikki ohjelman vaiheet suorittaneet saavat kunniamerkin ohjelman päättyessä.


Welcome to this trial Sciencecourse! Trial courses do not have an instructor assigned, so assignments which you submit will not be graded. In addition, only a small selection of lessons are available in our trial courses -- take the full course if you enjoy the trial. Feel free to use this course as a taster for what the courses we offer are like! When you take a full-year course with us, you'll have 52 weeks to complete this course and you should try to complete at least one lesson every 2 days. Here are a few things which will help for you to get started.

Voit liittyä tähän ohjelmaan myös mobiilisovelluksessa.




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