The4Network strives for the highest level of educational excellence in all of its courses.

Accreditation is an official recognition and certification of our course curriculum, school environment and how the school operates. As part of the accreditation process, schools are assessed on factors including course content, course rigour, policies, how the school works and the experience of instructors at the school. Accreditation from major accrediting bodies helps provide assurance to you, schools, colleges and workplaces that the courses you have taken are of the right standard and can be accepted for purposes such as admissions or transfer credits. T4N Pinnacle Academy is accredited by the following bodies.

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Our entire school is accredited by the Global Education Accrediting Commission, a project of T4N Education. The GEAC has some of the highest standards amongst accrediting committees, and the accreditation process involved individual applications for compliance in 24 separate standards.

All of our courses are approved by the GEAC and featured in the yearly GEAC approved course catalog. Our elementary, middle and high schools are all fully accredited by the GEAC. The GEAC website can be found here.

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Our high school (grades 9 through 12) is accredited by the NCAA (National College Athletic Association). We have achieved the highest level of accreditation from the NCAA, with "Cleared" status. You can view our NCAA accredited courses on this website with our NCAA high school code: 852652.

All of our high school courses are approved by the NCAA - EXCEPT: MTH013- Practical Math, SPT001- Karate, SPT002- Dancing, ELC001- Visual Art Studio & ELC002 - Singing. You can meet NCAA initial eligibility requirements as a student athlete with all of our NCAA approved classes.