Kids Running

Our Beginnings

At the beginning of 2020  Children4Children, a nonprofit project which empowered children to learn from each other, was born.

In the pandemic situation, Aryan, the Founder and CEO, felt that student contact was extremely important. So he created high-quality online classes via Children4Children with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. Their mission was to empower other to learn from each other.


Soon Aryan noticed that his mission should be much larger than simply children helping each other. Aryan decided to found The4Network, a global nonprofit dedicated to allowing people to help directly. Pinnacle Academy became one of The4Network's branches - and it is all about helping directly through providing courses.

What does direct help mean? It means empowering everyone to volunteer with no time requirement and have an impact. For a very extended time period the only way people could help support a cause while still staying at a normal job was to donate their money. The4Network breaks down these boundaries, allowing everyone to become a volunteer and donate something much more important and impactful to both parties- their time.

Volunteering Group
Students Typing at Their Computers


Since our founding in 2021 (and including the years of our now subsidiary organisation, Children4Children), we have grown to new heights.

We have come to have many people left empowered by our platform as both students and educators, and we will continue to fulfill and work towards our mission.

Our Leadership

The4Network is run executively by Aryan Marxaney, its CEO and Founder. Aryan's mission with The4Network is to bring direct help to anyone around the globe and empower students to share their knowlege.